Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Treatment Day

     Chemo treatment days have come and gone. I have had 11 cycles so far, adding up to 11 IV Taxol, 5 IP cisplatin and 2 IP Taxol treatments. Most have been uneventful, with typically expected side effects, mostly muscle aches and nausea and vomiting and anemia. I have had 5 whole blood transfusions. I have 1 more scheduled cycle of 3 treatments. I am so close to being done that it makes each successive treatment harder to get through. Treatment days are very emotional lately. It's  harder to wear the brave face.
     I am grateful for having access to quality care. I am grateful for my oncologist. I am grateful that he truly cares and that he is driven by some higher purpose. He truly has healing hands. But these things don't make it any easier to be brave today. Some days it does, but not today.
     I am grateful that I have met many OC sisters on the wonderful world wide web. They help me orient myself. They inspire me to be brave. We commiserate with each other's trevails. We understand each other in ways that those of you outside the OC club cannot fathom and I cannot explain. Today we lost another OC Warrior sister. That makes it really hard to be brave today.


  1. I'm very sorry to learn of the loss of your friend. Sending you healing thoughts.

  2. I was sorry to hear about our friend, too. She was a heroine to me with her attitude, love, way with words. A wonderful woman.

    In regards to your own treatment...keep slugging it out! I'll pray that once you finish treatment you will be strong, strong, strong again.
    Bless you.

  3. I am so sad - Sarah will be missed. But, you - you get on with your treatment - it'll end...and you'll be in recovery :)


  4. It's always very sad when we lose one of our sisters. It feels like we confront mortality more than others, but maybe not. I will miss Sarah too. Don't allow her passing to take away your steam, as she is now all well.

    I pray that you find a golden thread of peace and strength that never strays.

    I do know that when treatment ends and the clouds literally start to lift, you'll find a sparkle or two in life and it will blossom again for you.

    Just hang in there and keep on truckin'.

    Hugs and Peace.

  5. Kathy:

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I have mentioned it in one of mine.

    Would you consider guest blogging for us once? Please check out the site, the fb page and let me know.