Monday, October 5, 2009

Need a tech?

My boss tells me to be sure to use my techs effectively. Let's see.....
Techs are supposedly here to help me process, fill and sell prescriptions. Hopefully they can relieve my stress by stepping in to carry on any procedure when the heat is on. Great in theory!
My techs are not allowed to fully process any prescription. They are required to interrupt me so I can signoff the computer with one of my two passwords depending on the situation. Techs are not allowed to sell any rx until I have checked it. Techs are not allowed to sell any new prescription without the pharmacist (that would be me again) counseling the patient. Techs may answer the phone, but they are not allowed to answer any medical question, take a new prescription or transfer a prescription. Those tasks fall to the pharmacist (that would be me again). question is, what do I need a tech for?
Currently accepting any and all suggestions.


  1. wow. I'm sure your tech's really appreciate that one. being a tech myself I find that post rude and insulting. If you dont think you need your techs then send them all home and see if you can manage everything on your own. Shame on you my boss values the work the techs in my pharmacy do, Im certainly glad I dont work for you. We may not have the degree of a pharmacist but we work side by side with you. yes we answer phones take prescription orders, those of us who are nationally certified CAN take new scripts and transfers. We process scripts call doctors to clarify scripts if need be, we make sure the prescription is being billed properly, resolve any rejection with insurance companies. We handle the pharmacy's inventory. we make sure we have the drugs we need in stock and the ones we dont we return so that we arent tying up any money. If there isnt enough of a certain drug (back order or manufacturer discontinued, whatever the case) we use any resource we can to get it for the patient. The techs are the ones the patient sees most, we're the smiling faces that keep their business with us. These are just a few of the things we do I could be here all day typing away. As I said before if your techs are so useless, get rid of them and see how far you get by yourself.

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  3. I am saying that the system does not allow techs to help me. My state does not allow a tech to take an order, clarify an order, answer any question that might be construed by the customer as "counseling". My current processing system has hard halts at signon, DUR, transfer, sig changes, NDC changes that all require my initals. My techs hands are tied by the laws of the state and the company we work for.

  4. Gotta wonder what that removed post said...

  5. It was just anonymous name-calling to which I started to respond, then decided otherwise. :)